Skincare Knowledge: 6 Areas You Do Not Want To Skip

skincare knowledge

This week’s skincare knowledge is about the places that most people miss during their skincare routine.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. This means we will likely use a lot of different products to keep this part of your body, clean, hydrated, and strong to prevent signs of aging and the effects of environmental aggressors.

However, there are places on our skin that we are likely to miss. Unless you’ve spent a lot of time in the beauty industry or enough time around your trusted esthetician these places might not seem so obvious.

Unlike places like your eyelid, where you want to avoid applying product since the skin is so thin and will likely end up in your eyes, these places are important places to include in your skincare routine.

Many of these places are also telltale signs of age. As most people who take their beauty seriously know, you can tell someones’ age not only from their face but other parts of our body people see every day.

In this article, we will go over the top 6 most common places we miss during our skincare routine.

The neck

Aside from the face, the neck is the second place you can look at to tell someone’s age. The skin on your neck also shows the signs of aging before your face if not taken care of.

Not only do we commonly miss applying the product to our necks, but when we do we are usually applying it wrong. It is very important to always pull up from the neck. Reaching up to the jawline and beyond, working with upward strokes means you are working against the pull of gravity and ensuring that your skin will maintain its elasticity over time.

There are many products that are specially designed for your neck that have ingredients that tighten and firm the skin in that area. However, some decide to use the same products they put on their face on their neck. No matter what you use on your neck the most important thing is to remember is to protect and include your neck in your skincare routine

skincare knowledge
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The back of your neck

The back of the neck can be a tricky place to remember to apply your product too since we can’t see it. Yet if someone were to look at your neck from behind they will be able to see signs of aging if you miss applying product to this part of your body.

Having the skin on your back neck reflect the skin on the front of your body is important to the overall image of younger-looking skin. Whether you have short hair or like to put your hair up often, it’s important that part of your skin is looking its best

Never forget to put sunscreen on the back of your neck either. Making sure to apply SPF directly to the back of your neck is very important if you are going to be outside for an extended amount of time.

Your décolletage

Bringing your products down to your decolletage will ensure that your cleavage and chest are protected from the aging process. Our decolletage is a very important area for an overall youthful appearance. As Susan Yara says, “… your skincare should be from your nipples up!”

While there are products specially designed to address an aging decolletage and chest area if you begin applying your products young enough you will stave off the need for a more intensive regiment in the future. Much like your neck creams your decolletage can be different than your face cream and should be worked into your skincare routine accordingly.

Preserving your chest area’s skin will enhance your overall attractiveness and even accentuate your natural features. Much like your neck, if your face is baby smooth, but your chest is aged and wrinkled, your look will be incomplete and not at its best.

The hands

Right up there with the face and neck, the hands are the third place to look to tell someone’s age. Using hand creams regularly will ensure that your hands are protected from photo-aging and environmental aggressors.

Most of the time our hands don’t get the attention they deserve for all they do for us. Aside from helping us perform our earthly duties, they also help us achieve a sense of youth when our hands are just as beautifully pampered as our faces.

SPF for your hands is also another important step in your skincare routine. Your hands are usually exposed to the sun while driving, and another time you are outside unless you are constantly wearing gloves, which means applying SPF to your hands is an important step you shouldn’t miss.

The hairline

Making sure you are reaching all the way to your hairline is very important. Our scalp and hair are naturally more acidic than other parts of our body and need extra attention.

This is especially true when applying SPF. Most skin cancer will begin to form around the hairline according to Debra Jaliman, M.D. which means we have to be ready for whatever will come our way.

If you do not want to use sunscreen on your scalp area, the next best thing would be to wear a hat and protect it physically from the sun. The most important thing to consider is the difference in pH levels from your scalp to your face, and make sure you protect vulnerable parts of your body from the effects of sun exposure.

Ear area

The last area in this week’s skincare knowledge is the ear area. The skin on our ears will also age too. If you are a fan of big earrings, you already know that your earlobes may eventually become saggy and hang low.

By applying retinol to your ears, you will rejuvenate the skin and exfoliate any dead skin cells that affect your ears look making them look old and worn down. Exfoliating with retinol will also avoid any bumps, pimples, or keloids that may form in or around the ear area.

While there are no products specifically designed for ears (…yet) you can always use a low percentage of retinol and work your way up. It’s important to patch test this part of your skin too since the skin on your ears is different than the rest of your face.

To sum it up

There are three telltale signs of age: the face, the neck, and your hands. However, those are not the only places you should be applying your skincare products to. For a complete skincare routine, we should also be including other parts of our body.

What other parts of your body do you include in your skincare routine that is not on the list below?

Feel free to share your ideas and opinions below and don’t forget to share this week’s skincare knowledge blog with your friends!

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