New Brand: Nia24

The skin care industry is always evolving. With new advances made in science every day, our skin health is a reflection of the industry’s understanding of what skin needs to stay healthy, youthful and glowing.

At Oh Beauty, we are always looking to increase our inventory with the latest in skin care advances. With that, we are proud to announce that our newest brand line Nia24.

Who is Nia24?

Nia24 is a brand developed by Niyaden Inc, a leader in research and the developer of a biomedical compound known as Pro-Niacin®.

Developed for medical procedures, Nia24 is usually only availble through doctor offices and medical clinics.

However, Oh Beauty, with our commitment to providing you with the best in skin care, is authroized to retail Nia24 Pro-Niacin products.

What makes Nia24 different?

What makes Nia24 different is their patented Pro-Niacin® delivery system that promotes more beautiful looking skin.

Nia 24’s signature technology was born in a university research labratory, and is the result of over 40 years in biomedical research to perfect and craft a medical grade skin care line. Their signature molecular discovery is what sets them apart from other skin care brands and products.

Quoted from their official website:

NIA24 products, powered by Pro-Niacin®, are designed to support skin health every day and especially when used in combination with in-office treatments, and prescription topicals.

Some of the Benefits of Pro-Niacin are:

  • Enhances cellular turnover / renewal
  • Increased skin barrier strength
  • Renewed texture
  • Improvement in firmness and fine lines & wrinkles
  • Reduction in the appearance of dark spots / discoloration
  • Increased tolerance to retinoic

Nia24 featured products

Rapid D Tone Correcting Serum

Rapid D Tone Correcting Serum, formerly known as Rapid Depigmentation Serum. The same best-selling brightening formula, now with a name that highlights more of its skin-transforming benefits. This concentrated, lightweight serum penetrates to visibly diminish the appearance of dark spots, sun spots and overall discoloration for a significant improvement in skin brightness, clarity and tone. Delivers an overall softer, smoother, healthier looking complexion.

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Intensive Recovery Complex

This rich cream helps initiate the skin’s own revitalizing abilities to promote recovery. Skin looks fuller and firmer by locking in multi-level moisture while minimizing transepidermal water loss. Brighteners help to reduce the appearance of discolorations and restore radiance.

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Skin Strengthening Complex

 Antioxidant-rich moisturizer fortifies and nourishes skin, improves elasticity and visibly reduces discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles.

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