Building A Simple Skin Care Routine 101 for Beginners

skin care routine

Let’s guide you through the most simple skin care routine ever.

Let’s be honest, skin care can be demoralizing at times.

The beauty industry doesn’t seem to be our friend. They always point out our flaws, even if it’s the fact that we don’t have enough money to buy the newest discoveries by so-and-so.

Not to mention the fact that we need to be consistent with a certain brand to see any results from our efforts anyway.

It can feel like all of this hard work can be for naught, especially if we slip back into an old routine.

Missing your skin care is a form of self harm

Once we’ve made the commitment to ourselves that we want to see healthier, younger-looking skin, we must work our butt off to keep up with our routine.

If we get in the habit of being too lazy, we need to be honest with ourselves and realize that we are really doing more harm to ourselves than good.

We also need to keep up with ways to motivate and keep ourselves always seeing our skincare routine as an adventure.

Building a skin care routine

skin care routine

A basic skin care routine involves:



Regular skin cleansing is extremely important. It helps us to maintain healthy and younger-looking skin. Nighttime cleansing is essential to freshen up and prepare your skin to absorb nighttime skincare products. Daytime cleansing helps remove dead skin cells and excess oil that was produced during the night.



Facial toner is the key to level up your skincare routine. Some of its benefits are: clean out and minimize pores, tighten and smoothen your skin, refresh your face, and removes excess oil and makeup residue. navigate to these guys


Face serums are extremely crucial for your skin care routine. They provide extra care for different skin types. They absorb quickly into your skin, help dry, acne-prone, sensitive skin to maintain balance, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give you nourished and healthy skin.



It’s quite obvious that moisturizers are crucial to our skin. Since most skin issues come from the lack of moisture, moisturizing and hydrating your skin can prevent that. It makes us look younger because it allows cells to reproduce easier. Moisturizers act as a temporary barrier to your skin and protect it from harmful environmental factors.



Depending on the time of the day, it’s important to include sunscreen in your routine to protect against the UV rays of the sun, which is harmful to our skin. In fact, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Therefore, it is crucial to use sunscreen daily to decrease the risk of cancer. It also slows down the premature aging process and the development of wrinkles and lines. As the ozone layer is depleting due to human activities, sunscreen is the only thing to protect our skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is essential to all skin types because sun damages have the same effects on everyone.

Once or twice a week, you should exfoliate your skin to deep clean it and stimulates blood circulation. Depending on your skin condition and preference, you can choose between chemical and physical exfoliators. Either way, it will leave your skin smoother, softer, and cleaner. This treatment stimulates blood circulation as you massage your face which improves blood flow and gives you younger-looking skin. Besides, it helps remove excess oil and grease that block your pores.

However, it is never good to overdo anything, especially with exfoliate. And do not expect an instant result because everything takes time. Be consistent with your routine and you’ll see some changes later.

A good skin care routine can help your skin so much but a good diet and enough water a day go a long way. Be mindful of what you put in your body and your skin will thank you later.

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