7 Reasons We Love Facial Mists, and Why You Should Too

Whether your beauty routine includes the dewy faced look or a full face of makeup, everyone can benefit from facial mists.

Many people in the skin care community either love facial mist, or just don’t know the benefits of using them.

In this blog article we will go over the top 7 reasons we love facial mists, and why you should too.

Keep in mind

Not all face misters are created equally.

This especially applies to plain water misters. Unlike ones infused with beneficial ingredients, simple water misters can leave your skin more dehydrated than before.

Just like when you try to soothe chapped lips by licking them, sometimes water can have a dehydrating effect without the proper ingredients to lock in the needed moisture to maintain skin suppleness.

Since just misting water on your face can actually dry out your skin, looking for misters with added benefits is essential to getting the most out of a skin mister in your daily skin care routine.

1. Face misters apply an even layer of product over your entire face.

Unlike moisturizers and creams that need to be spread across your face by hand, misters apply an even layer of product over your entire face with just a push.

This makes them easier and more effective to apply product evenly across your entire face.

With each pump you are likely to get more product on your face and achieve the same skin benefits that creams and lotions have.

2. Face misters refresh your look in between cleanses.

If you are experiencing a dull complexion, face misters are a great way to refresh your look without having to redo your skin care routine.

With their infusion of cleansed water and natural ingredients face misters bring life back your skin’s appearance.

By leaving a mister in your bag, or at your desk you can refresh you look throughout the day.

3. They leave your face hydrated, toned, or protected from the sun with SPF.

Depending on the product you are using, a face mister can bring a number of added benefits to your daily skin care routine.

Most misters are infused with ingredients that help lock in the moisture that the water provides.

From spray toners, hydrating mists to spray on SPF, there are many ways to bring hydration with added benefits to your skin with face misters.

4. Convenient ways to stay hydrated while traveling.

The portability of misters make them perfect travel buddies.

Whether you are on a air plane, or in a long car ride, face misters will bring a much needed boost of hydration to your skin when ever you need it.

Most misters come in convenient sizes that allow ease of transportation to keep you looking your best no matter where you are, or where you are going.

5. A potent infusion of antioxidants.

Most face misters are infused with powerful antioxidants that help balance the effect of free radicals.

From herbal based misters, to simple balancing toners, many of these contain ingredients that eliminate toxins that build up on the surface of our skin.

With each pump of a face mister we balance our skin and keep it looking fresh, young and hydrated.

6. Helps to set makeup and your skincare routine.

Letting a mister dry on your skin after your makeup or skin care routine helps to set the product.

With a layer of hydrating mist dried on your skin, you can be assured that your skin care products will be able to be absorbed better on your skin.

They will also keep your make on longer, since it will fuse with the foundation and bond better with your skin.

7. Combat environmental/seasonal conditions.

As the seasons change our skin goes through different changes that we need to be aware of in order to be prepared for.

If our skin experiences dehydration during the summer or winter, having a face mister will combat the environmental impact the weather has on our skin.

Being a victim to the seasons is no longer an option for your skin, when you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

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