5 Reasons Water is the Most Important Part of your Skin Care Routine

Water is an essential part of your beauty routine.

From using it to cleanse your skin, to drinking it to maintain a natural healthy glow, water is the most important part of your skin care routine.

Wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging are really ways of your body crying out for water.

They are signs your body lacks resilience which leads to the signs aging regularly occurring.

In this blog post, we will share with you 5 reasons why water is the most important part of your skin care routine.

Plus 5 of our recommended products to make sure your skin is receiving the right amount of hydration to stay healthy and youthful.

Water is the #1 ingredient in all skin care products

Our body doesn’t require much.

The three most important elements that contribute to our survival are, water, oil and salt.

Which is why the #1 ingredient in all beauty and skin care products is water, eau (water in french), or aqua.

Everything else, like vitamins and minerals, wouldn’t be able to penetrate our skin if it wasn’t absorbed through water.

Water hydrates and restores needed vitamins to the body

If our cells are lacking water, our body won’t have what it needs to perform it’s duty of keeping skin looking healthy, young and refreshed.

This means that in order to deeply penetrate the many layers of your skin, you need water to keep the bodies natural functions in constant motion.

If any part of our body remains stagnant, the tissues decay and aren’t revitalized with the source of life, water.

Water is essential to nutrient distribution and will keep your body in overall optimal health.

Water keeps our blood clean and pure

As we get older, our body slows down and the build up of toxins in our blood stream will have greater impact on our overall health and well being.

Drinking at least two and a half liters of water of day will ensure our body has what it needs to purify our circulatory system.

Since blood supplies our body with what it needs to function properly, making sure it is clean and pure allows for maximum delivery of our most base needs.

Our blood is also mostly water, and so we need to maintain a healthy PH balance by neutrilizing acidic properties that can wreak havoc in our body.

Water fights inflammation and keeps our cells young

The most important factor that contributes to aging and the different signs of aging is cell turn over.

The second contributor to aging is inflammation.

Inflammation is our bodies way of healing anything that is foreign, since it keeps it isolated in one part of the body so that through proper circulation it can remove the toxins that are causing our body to over stress.

Without drinking enough water, it allows toxins, like old or dead cells, to build up causing different signs of aging to become a common occurrence.

We are made up mostly of water

Our bodies are made up of 75% water.

This means that in order to replace what we lose throughout the day, we need lots of water.

Drinking water isn’t enough for skin health though.

Since, the water we drink mostly impacts our internal organs, we will need quality skin care products to immediately impact the surface layer of our skin.

Products that increase your bodies water retention

To assist you get more water in to your skin care routine, we have curated a short list of products that assist you achieve ideal levels of hydration for your skin.

Do you use any of these products in your skin care routine?

How do you incorporate water in to your daily skin care routine?

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