4 Skin Care Factors that are Within Your Control

Skin care is an ongoing journey. From the time you are young until your golden years.

As we mature, and grow into ourselves, we learn how to manage our skin with different treatments, protocols and products.

The products we use when we are 16 will be different from the products we use at 40.

Our skin goals will change with us and this is an important thing to consider, since it can feel like so many factors about our skin are out of our control.

Some things like, environmental factors, aging, genetics, and the stress of life seem to be the never ending uphill battle we all must face to really be on top of our skin care routine.

However, as we embark on our own skin care journey, we need to become our own skin’s primary specialist and need to take into account what factors are actually within our control.

This is a list of the top 4 factors that are within your control:

Product quality

While it isn’t always necessary to buy the most expensive products to achieve and see results in our skincare routine, it is important we are aware of the quality of products we are putting on our skin.

Most pharmacy grade skin care products aren’t meant for the discerning skin care consumer.

Fortunately, if you are reading this blog post you probably are already aware of what your skin needs and what you can do to combat specific problem issues.

The goal of Oh Beauty Direct is to provide you with premium skin care products, without sacrificing your hard earned money. We believe skin care should be available to everyone, that is why we are always finding ways to bring your the best in sales on name brand products.

The regularity of use

It takes 28 days for our skin to produce new cells and the top layer of the skin to be replaced with new cells.

This means that you won’t see results immediately, and are likely going to need to apply consistent effort to see the deep lasting effects you want to see.

If you try a product for a couple of weeks and give up on it, it isn’t the product that has failed you.

Give yourself time, as well as each new product you add to your skin care routine to see lasting results that you will want to maintain for years to come.

Skin care is a real art, and the best at it are those that never give up on what is important to them – clear, glowing skin that reflects the real you inside.

Changing your habits

Creating new habits is going to be the best way to see long lasting skincare results.

If you don’t already, you can begin to focus your days around washing your face 2-3 times a day.

This also means, scheduling an exfoliation and face masque at least once a week.

These new habits will be the effort that you are going to need to master to begin seeing real results from your skin care routine.

Your level of commitment

It’s one thing to wash your face and apply moisturizer.

It’s another thing to make each minuet you spend at the sink, as a mini vacation.

Taking the time to massage your face, feeling your skin, working in serums and moisturizers, can make an obvious difference.

It’s your face, so your skin care routine should be for you and no one else.

This means making sure you are deeply enjoying each moment you spend during your morning/afternoon/evening skin care routine.

In conclusion

There are many skin care factors that are out of our control, however you can begin taking control of your skin by focusing on the four things mentioned in this blog post.

What are other skin care factors you have learned to control in your daily routine?

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