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Skincare Knowledge: 6 Areas You Do Not Want To Skip

skincare knowledge

This week’s skincare knowledge is about the places that most people miss during their skincare routine. The skin is the largest organ of the body. This means we will likely use a lot of different products to keep this part of your body, clean, hydrated, and strong to prevent signs of aging and the effects […]

Building A Simple Skin Care Routine 101 for Beginners

skin care routine

Let’s guide you through the most simple skin care routine ever. Table of Contents Let’s be honest, skin care can be demoralizing at times. Missing your skin care is a form of self harm Building a skin care routine CLEAN Cleanser CORRECT Toner Serum MOISTURIZE Moisturizer PROTECT Sunscreen Let’s be honest, skin care can be […]

Artistic & Co. – New Generation of Home Devices from Japan

Artistic & Co. infinite pursuit of beauty, introduces the Dr. Arrivo Zeus II – a multifunctional phototherapy beauty device. How we at OH Beauty go out of our way to give you the best beauty products to help with your regime and how we’ve welcomed Artistic & Co. into our range. Skin Care The age-old […]